Greetings cadet,

I see you want to know more about Navatar.

Well, Navatar is a personality test designed by Navneet to help children understand themselves better. The test is designed by professionals and psychologists after a lot of research, and is an easy and fun way to decode your personality and explore its many traits. The test's output is meticulously crafted on the basis of how you answer the test.

However, please keep in mind that the Navatar report is a fun activity to explore your personality and not a guide to life, remember that you are still the best judge of yourself.

We at Navneet constantly strive to create new avenues to disseminate knowledge. Since inception we have believed that our success lies in interacting personally with young change makers like you.

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We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours and look forward to interact with you more often.

We hope you have as much fun with the test and the report as we had creating it. We also hope that you will be bit more aware about yourself after reading our report.

- The Navatar Grandmaster.


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