With immense pride and gratefulness, we are happy to announce that we have recently received the CSR Leadership Award. The initiatives by Navneet Foundation have carved a niche in the CSR corporate sector. The Foundation looks towards creating an awareness of social responsibility among every individual in society both within and outside of Navneet. It has tremendous faith in humanity, for serving the destitute is no easy task – one must have a reserve of wealth and energy to be able to give back what one has received. In existence since 2013, the Navneet Foundation has played a leadership role in the fields of healthcare, disaster relief, affordable housing, education, tribal welfare, and other areas of public service. Going a step beyond donations and charity, programs at the Foundation are built around reducing the carbon footprint, helping downtrodden communities, and creating affordable housing for the needy through the construction of schools, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, and animal shelters.

Navneet Foundation engages with corporate partners to build mutually beneficial programs, as part of their CSR mandate to improve the quality of education across India. Working closely with companies of all sizes, Navneet has been able to add value to the CSR programs of its partners and establish long-term collaborations for grassroots level implementation of educational projects.