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Rubaru With Sunil Gala (Aug 3rd, 2015)

from childhood one brand is very much connected to all the students, that’s Navneet Education. lest see how Navneet get this much height and position on conversation with Group MD Sunil Gala.

Navneet Publishers as share under budget : First (May 02, 2016)

Navneet is a big name in the field of education. It is currently trading at 89 with a high rise of 3.65%.

SUNIL GALA (Navneet) – Business Beyond Generations (Nov 29th, 2015)

Ensuring Business Longevity and Growth through Family Understanding.

Mumbai : Navneet Books Celebrates 40 Years (Dec 10th, 2017)

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Midcap Radar: Gnanesh Gala, MD, Navneet Education & Shriram Dandekar, ED, Kokuyo Camlin (June 8th, 2015)

As Schools re-open for Academic Year 2016, We focus on the Education sector, Reema Tendulkar & Mangalam Maloo focus on stocks based on education business and discuss how they are seeing this quarter by and the broad trends in the industry with Gnanesh Gala, MD, Navneet

Interview of Mr. Gnanesh (Sunil) Gala with India business tv on April 5 2013

Interview of Mr. Gnanesh (Sunil) Gala – President Finance with e-Learning Biz ( on 23 August 2010

Navneet Publications has restructured its stationery division. The company, which caters to state governments also has an e-learning initiative.

Interview of Mr. Gnanesh (Sunil) Gala – President Finance with Capital Ideas

Mr. Sunil Gala: We have two business divisions. One is book publishing and the other is the paper stationery division. Within book publishing, we have the educational book business (SBU 1) which is our core business and we have the children book business (SBU 2).