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At the end of the test we will analyse and generate a detailed personality report for you, which will unlock the mysteries of your personality and tell you which of these mighty hero's you are.
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  • Name: Ampio | Guild: Champions

    Champions have a bold take charge attitude, they are versatile, energetic and independent, easily accomplishing anything that interests them. They also have an eye for adventure with a broad range of interests and abilities. They like spending time and meeting new people, they also take great pride in sharing new ideas and experiences with anyone they meet. They are motivational and inspirational and bring out the best in others. With their lively sense of humour they are energetic and optimistic. They are also very perceptive and can easily deduce people's thoughts and motives. Famous people who are Champions: Anne Frank, Walt Disney, Chetan Bhagat, Anil Ambani, Julian Assange, Salman Rushdie, Lord Krishna.

  • Name: Armonis | Guild: Harmonizers

    Harmonizers are warm-hearted, responsible and conscientious. They live as one with nature and tend to put the needs of others over their own. They love being part of a team and have a strong sense of responsibility and duty. They like working with others and complete any task accurately and on time, hence improving a team's dynamics and making performance optimal. They radiate warmth and energy and are gifted at bringing people together. Famous people who are Harmonizers: Bill Clinton, William Mckinley, Sarah Palin, Selena Gomez, Whitney Houston.

  • Name: Strator | Guild: Administrators

    Administrators are unique, practical and hardworking, with an unwavering loyalty to justice. They are great leaders and friends' and an important addition to any team. These qualities also make them exceptionally capable and great organizers, who above all else value security and peaceful living. Their objective approach and superior problem solving skills are vital in tough situations. By nature they are guardians and protectors and are driven by the need to fulfil their duties and obligations. However they have no patience for confusion, inefficiency, or halfway measures, making them extremely efficient leaders. Famous people who are administrators: Queen Elizabeth, Henry Ford, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, Condoleezza Rice and George Washington.

  • Name: Respon | Guild: Responsibles

    With a strong sense of responsibility and great loyalty, Responsibles are quiet, honest, serious and interested in security and peaceful living. With their well-developed powers of concentration they are extremely thorough in anything they do, making them one of the most responsible and dependable member of a team. Famous people who are Responsibles: George Washington, Thomas, Evander Holyfield, Warren Buffet, Harry Truman, Rosalynn Carter, Duke Of Wellington.

  • Name: Alyse | Guild: Analysers

    With analytics, logic and creative thinking at their core, knowledge and competence is what all Analysers stand for. With their ability to focus in tough situations there is nothing they cannot accomplish. They play a pivotal role in any team as they are exceptionally capable and bring clarity in any situation. However, they are usually hard to get to know as they are quiet & reserved. They're also individualistic and have no interest in leading or following others. Famous people who are Analysers: Abraham Lincoln, William Harvey, Charles Darwin, Rick Moranis, Albert Einstein, Meryl Streep, Blaise Pascal, Socrates, Carl Jung.

  • Name: Idel Guild: Idealists

    Idealists are adaptable, reflective and idealistic. Although they have strong beliefs they are extremely loyal and work timelessly for what they believe in. They value loyalty and have a ferocious sense of right and wrong. Able to see the possibilities in any situation they are always interested in understanding and helping people. They usually base their decisions on their understanding of a situation, and are extremely loyal to their ideas. Famous people who are Idealists: Albert Schweitzer, Princess Diana, William Shakespeare, Scott Bakula, A. A. Milne, Peter Jackson, Helen Keller, Audrey Hepburn.

  • Name: Nven | Guild: Inventors

    Never the ones who fade into the background, usually very creative, resourceful and intellectually quick. Inventors are often mysterious, their various eccentricities tend to amuse as often as they completely baffle. They are good at a broad range of things and enjoy debating issues. They are never the ones to follow a routine, but enjoy and trust in their ability to improvise. With their logical minds they have an excellent ability to understand concepts and quickly devise a creative response by applying logic to find a solution to any problem. Famous people who are Inventors: Alexander The Great, Richard Feynman, John Adams, James A. Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Name: Loy | Guild: Loyals

    With hearts as big as their stature, Loyals are quiet, kind and conscientious. They are extremely trustworthy and dependable and often known for putting the needs of others above their own. They are a valuable addition to any team as they create an orderly and harmonious environment. They are extremely receptive of other's feelings and interests, helping others whenever they get a chance. With a realistic and practical respect for facts they are often considered a vault of stored information. Famous people who are Loyals: Alfred, William Howard Taft, Robert E. Lee, Mother Teresa, Queen Mary I, J. P. Morgan, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan.

  • Name: Perfor | Guild: Performers

    Performers are a force of personality, a bright light bursting with charisma and take great pride in being the centre of attention. They are fun-loving and people oriented and love to create new experiences while living in the moment. Often interested in spreading cheer and joy they plunge into any situation with confidence. They also have well-developed common sense and practical ability. Famous people who are Performers: Gracie Allen, Mary Lou Retton, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Pablo Picasso.

  • Name: Pragmac | Guild: Pragmatics

    With a sensible and realistic outlook Pragmatics are quiet, reserved and curious, always interested in how and why things work. They are rarely concerned about laws and rules, however they're extremely loyal to their friends and their beliefs. With a remarkable mind they are almost like computers, organising data, reasoning impersonally and objectively, making logical decisions based on a great deal of information. They are a valuable addition to any team as they are generally optimistic and fun to be around. Famous people who are Pragmatics: Tom Cruise, Keith Richards, James Dean, Zachary Taylor, Tiger Woods.

  • Name: Artis | Guild: Artists

    Artists see the world differently as they are sensitive and kind, with extremely well developed senses and a unique aesthetic appreciation for beauty. They never give up, always seeing the best in any situation. Guided by a strong core of inner values they take great pride in anything they do. They are great team players, however, they are not interested in leading or controlling others. They take great pride in being original and creative as they are open-minded and flexible, enjoying and living every moment in the present. Famous people who are Artists: Millard Fillmore, Marie Antoinette, Fred Astaire, Steven Spielberg, Doris Day, Michael Jackson, Brooke Shields, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, John Travolta.

  • Name: Ealis | Guild: Realists

    With a firm grip on reality, Realists see through the fog by looking at a situation for what it is, rather than what it may seem like. Usually focused on results, they are risk-takers who like a fast-paced life and live in the here-and-now. They are friendly, adaptable and action oriented and have great people skills. They are also straight forward, realistic and take criticism well. In a team they are flexible, adaptable, inventive and resourceful and can pull conflicting people together. Famous people who are Realists: Madonna, James Buchanan, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Conners, Bruce Willis.

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